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      Discover true inspirational stories & videos of faith and life | Life Story Foundation
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      Featured Inspirational Stories & Videos:

      Serving God in the Russian Army

      SergeySergey Tsygankov stumbled upon Jesus at a friend's bible study in Russia, in 1992. He was soon faced with huge questions of faith after a classmate lost his life. Watch his inspirational video as Sergey shares the story of how a revelation from Jesus saved him during his time in the Russian Army.


      Tradition vs. Christ

      Nageen Negeen is a 17 year old who has earnestly sought after truth. Raised as a Muslim, she identifies with both Afghanis and Americans. Despite the comfort found in Muslim traditions and the love and support of her family, she began to question her beliefs in the Qur'an and found herself being pulled toward the loving Creator. Her conversion to Christianity was not without a cost as she lost faith in everything she had once believed in. Negeen shares her testimony on this inspirational video. 


      Stripper Pursued by a Gentleman

      Harmony Dust was always looking to be loved and as a teenager she thought she could secure a man's love with money. The growing need to support herself and her boyfriend left her no where else to turn. Watch this motivational video as Harmony shares about the path that led her into the sex industry, the true love of Jesus that inspired her to begin her journey out, and the work she is doing today to reach other women.

      Growing up Baldwin: Stephen

       Stephen Baldwin's life was centered around money, fame, success, and ultimately himself as an actor. But God wanted more for his life. Watch his video and read his story to learn his inspirational story of God placing people in his life to bring him to faith.


      A Muslim Fundamentalist’s Journey

      Timothy Abraham was raised as a Muslim, enjoyed his life as a Muslim, and followed all the traditions and rituals. His passion soon brought him to be part of the Islamic Brotherhood, a small fundamentalist's group in his village. Watch Timothy's videos as he shares about how he transformed from preaching Muslim ideology to proclaiming his conversion to Christianity.  

      All I Had Was Hope

      As a child, Victoria Childress often spent the night at a friends house just so she could have somewhere to eat and bathe. For as long as she could remember her home was divided, and by the time her parents divorced and her mother was with a new man, Victoria had found relief in cutting herself. Her life story tells a tale of a girl who held onto only a small sliver of hope as she learned to overcome her "invisible" problems with the love of an "invisible" God. 

      I Do, Again

      Authors of I Do Again, Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs fell in love at first sight and were soon blissfully married. They lived in their dream house and were never in want. Within a few years Cheryl was surprised to find herself unfulfilled in her marriage, and even more surprised when she became involved in an adulterous affair. Watch this motivational video as the Scruggs tell the painful story of divorce, years of anger, and God's inspirational love that lead them to be remarried.


      Restoring a Lost Cause

      Selling drugs and using crystal meth, Greg Winkle's parents and family began to grow tired of seeing their son go down a destructive path. Faced with prison, Greg turned to faith to get himself through. Watch this video as Greg tells his story of God's timing in his life, and how his conversion brought release and restoration. 


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